Carry-On Packing for Photographers

Photographers: Here’s How to Pack the Perfect Carry-On

As a photographer, packing a carry-on can be a bit of a challenge. I like to keep my gear close by, as opposed to packing it in a checked bag. This way I always know where it is, I know how it’s being handled, and if my bag gets lost or delayed I won’t be suffering without my beloved camera! Here are my favorite tips and tricks I’ve gathered throughout the years, as well as items you want to make sure you have to maximize your travel photography experience! Choose the right bag. Having the right bag is going to make […]

Packing for a week in Iceland

One Week in Iceland Packing List | Spring

I like to think of myself as a pro when it comes to packing. I’ve been to Costa Rica in the middle of summer, through Australia with the seasons flip-flopped, and somehow returned from a year in Europe with almost nothing having to be left behind. And yet, packing for Iceland was a little bit of a challenge. I’ll be in the land of fire and ice for a week, so I decided to just bring one carry-on sized rolling suitcase as well as my waterproof camera backpack. Normally for a week long excursion, this is more than enough packing […]