I took a Spa Day in Prague and Soaked in Czech Beer

What? That’s a real thing? was my first response when hearing about how there are actual spas in the Czech Republic where you sit in tubs of beer. I had to check this out for myself.

And I can happily say that yes, this is a real thing, and it is even cooler than it sounds.

Beer Spa in Prague, Czech Republic

The spa I went to is called  Pivní Lázně Spa Beer Land and is conveniently located in Central Prague, just a short walk from Charles Square.

Upon entering, I noticed they had an entire display wall of locally-made beauty products created entirely upon the health benefits of beer.

The spa itself is filled with Czech brewer’s yeast, Krušovice beer, and Žatec hops. The rich sources of B vitamins, amino acids, and organic iron is said open pores and help reduce stress, ease muscle tension, and detoxify the body. among numerous other health benefits.

Besides getting to soak in this aromatic concoction, the large oak tub is conveniently located right next to a tap of free-flowing Czech beer that you can drink during your stay at the spa.

Afterwards, you can lounge on a bed of wheat straw next to a warm fireplace, and they’ll serve you a platter of fresh beer bread.

Beer Spa in Prague, Czech Republic

The room also includes a sauna and a refreshing shower with large wooden buckets that you pull down to release a waterfall to cool down in.

I left the spa feeling cleansed, relaxed, and slightly tipsy from all the free beer I had during my stay. Of all the spas I’ve been to, I can say without a doubt that this was the most unique – and most fun!

Beer Spa in Prague, Czech Republic